My Favorite Watches

Over many years I have collected different watches. When my partner and I traveled much more than we do these days, she would look for artists, jewelry, or curio stores. While she would be looking at rings, bracelets, and necklaces, I would view the watches.

My approach to watch shopping was simply to look for ones that caught my eye that I could afford. I would purchase them for the memories about our travels that they would elicit and places we had been.

My collection has timepieces of all types – wrist watches, pocket watches, wall clocks, and table clocks. Although many, all are in the moderate price range.

Wrist Watches


Once you have a few watches, it is hard to pick out a favorite. Just like food or movies, it depends on your mood.

One of my favorite watches is this Surrisi. We have traveled to the Southwest several times. During one of the trips, I picked up this watch at a jewelry store because of its unique American Indian design. Surrisi watches were made in New Mexico.

It has a simple, but modern southwest design with a deep blue background.

Bonica – Halifax Nova Scotia

During one of our most memorable vacations, I purchased this Halifax – Nova Scotia commemorative watch with a tall ship insignia in the middle. The second hand also has an image of a tall ship.

Our trip to Halifax occurred because friends of ours do professional photography and documentary videos. We went in the year 2000. As a celebration of the millennium the largest gathering of Tall Ships occurred. 

At the conclusion of the Tall Ships stop we were able to get an up close and personal view of their departure. Our friends had been able to arrange a boat for us to see the Tall Ships as they departed the harbor.

We accompanied our friends on a couple of their photo shoots. It was a good time. Some of the local folks had mentioned that it was some of the nicest weather being sunny and warm for the area. This was apparently unusual. 

I had set my expectations of the natural phenomena, Tidal Bore, a little high. At least from where we observed it, it was a little less exciting than this outdoor rafting activity I recently found as I looked for information about the Tidal Bore. Unfortunately, it was so uneventful that I could


Although it was closed in 1999, I had the opportunity to visit the Time Museum in Rockford, Illinois. During its time (no pun intended) was one of the leading horological museums in the world. It was truly an impressive display of timepieces.

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