Fossil Collectible Limited Edition Watches

When you start to become interested in watches, it is natural to evolve into a collector.

After you get your first watch, which is usually a very practical everyday watch, you start to notice that there are many watch styles, designs, and functions. It can be fun to start expanding your horizons and shop for a second watch. One that shows your personal characteristics and displays who you are.

When you search for your next watch you might not want to be as practical. As I became interested in watches it only seemed natural to view other more exotic styles and designs. In some cases it was just taking advantage of where I was visiting.

You do not necessarily have to search for a watch if you take advantage of where you are at. I know the results of accidentally, not consciously shopping for a watch. Places like museums and curio shops offer great opportunities to view one of a kind collectable watches.

Price has always been a concern. Although you can certainly spend thousands of dollars on unique timepieces, it can be more rewarding to search and shop for watches in an affordable price range.

If you are looking for unique collectible watches here are Fossil Limited Editions. I came across these while I reviewed other Fossil watches that appear in “Best Review Fossil Watches”.

Enjoy, and I hope you find one you like and cannot live without.

STAPLE x Fossil Automatic Sundial Watch

Jeff Staple is celebrating the 25th year since he founded his company by partnering with Fossil, a company he has admired, to create the STAPLE x Fossil Limited Edition Sundial watch.

Its design combines the vintage looks that Fossil has created in its other watch categories and beckons back to the early 1990’s. This watch meshes with STAPLE’s own design creativity.

One of the most distinguishing features of this uniquely designed watch is the sundial with the pigeon image in the gnomon. This is the triangular piece, or fin, that juts out from the surface of the locket hatch which displays the sundial numbers.

The watch has a stainless-steel case surrounded on the outside with a terrazzo silicon jacket. The terrazzo silicon surface extends seamlessly to the watch strap which has a buckle closure and the STAPLE word mark.

Decoupling the locket hatch shows the inner details of the watch dial which is a hologram image of the STAPLE pigeon logo, both stationary and in flight.

If you are interested in viewing the watch innards, the case back has a skeleton display that exposes the mechanical workings of the watch together with the pigeon logo.

This great watch is packaged in the STAPLE Fossil collectible egg.

Madrid x Fossil Limited Edition Neutra Chronograph Watch Set

The Madrid x Fossil Limited Edition Neutra Chronograph is a beautiful timepiece that seamlessly combines form and function. The maple wood-veneer dial and black-textured subdials are stunning. It has a handy chronograph function with a 30-minute elapsed timer.

The brown leather straps are made with eco-leather, which is just as high-quality as regular leather but is tanned via a resource efficient process.

Its exclusive packaging is a unique maple veneer box decorated with matching griptape and halftone dot pattern reminiscent of Madrid’s 1980’s-era graphics.

Each set comes with a branded bottle opener and a 1:8 scale fingerboard. This is a limited edition watch, so each one is outfitted with an individually numbered plaque.

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional watch that is also environmentally friendly, the Madrid x Fossil Limited Edition Neutra Chronograph is the perfect choice.

Pride Fossil Neutra Brown Eco Leather Watch

This watch celebrates the modern gay rights movement with its minimalist, yet striking design.

The white dial proudly displays the word LOVE emanating from the Pride colors. The index markers are outlined with the Pride colors.

A stainless-steel silver colored case is attached to an eco-friendly medium brown leather strap with a single prong strap buckle.

As an added feature, the case back displays the Pride flag.

Maui and Sons Fossil FB-01 Solar-Powered Watch

Here is an exciting opportunity to add to your collection. Maui and Sons and Fossil collaborated to introduce an eco-friendly, solar-powered watch.

This limited edition watch highlights Maui and Sons brand’s cookie logo which was inspired by Jeff Yokoyama’s family chocolate chip cookie recipe. The colorful design really stands out.

It is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors and support products that are focused on eco-friendly production. Components from upcycled ocean-bound plastics are used to make the watch.

Maui and Sons Fossil Solar-Powered Ani-Digi Watch

In another collaboration with Fossil, Maui and Sons created a design that uses their unique retro colors which depict their surf-inspired rainbow gradient.

It is solar-powered which is great for those who like to spend time with their outdoor activities. Not only that, it has a compus to help direct you and a digital chronograph.

Talk about eco-friendly. The case and topring is made from castor oil. The strap is 100% rPET with a Velcro closure. The design is emblazoned with a shark and their logo.

As is the case with Fossil watches, it is packaged in a limited edition collectible tin.

Cedella Marley x Fossil International Women’s Day Carlie

Cedella Marley partnered with Fossil to design this unique styled watch celebrating 2022 International Women’s Day. This magnificent watch was inspired by her father, Bob Marley’s hit single “One Love”.

The brown dial has a large purple heart with the words “One Love” imprinted on it and surrounded by two additional outlining hearts. The white hour hands accentuate the design with the gold-toned numbers and indices.

Depending on your mood, the rose-gold colored two pusher fold-over clasp can be changed to a stylized eco-leather buckle strap. This alternate strap is included in the packaging.

The watch features an etched caseback which displays special imagery created just for this watch. Cedella Marley’s signature appears on both the dial and caseback.

Watch Collecting Simple Step Guide

Watch collecting is not for everyone. Sometimes it is hard to determine where to start or end. Here are some basic considerations.

  1. Will it be your everyday watch? If this is your first watch, constant wear can show signs of just normal usage. This might not be what you want for a collectible.

  2. What is your budget? Although collecting watches can be an expensive hobby, there are many affordable styles that are reasonably priced. Certainly, if you can afford it, unique collectibles can be bought for thousands of dollars.

  3. What designs interest you? Collectible watches are typically analog dials. There are many unique styles from which to choose. These range from minimalist to very decorative.

  4. What type of mechanism do you want running the watch? Automatic watches are self-winding. These can be easily reset after long periods of nonuse. Quartz watches are run by batteries. If the battery runs out you will need to replace it.

The most important thing is to have fun while looking for your collectibles.

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