8 Best Watches For Nurses Review

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Nurses are front line personnel that perform critical functions for all of us when we are in need of or under medical care or observation.  As part of these duties, having a good scrub watch is important. There are daily records a nurse must update. A good medical professional watch is needed to take accurate … Read more

Vincero Watch Review

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If you want a watch that was designed by its community of users, then Vincero is a brand you should consider. The company was launched via a Kickstarter project that helped focus their initial designs. This provided the customer input used to improve their design and development process. This community that has driven their success … Read more

What Is A Quartz Watch Movement?

What Is A Quartz Watch Movement

While watches are incredibly popular, not a lot of people know just how intricate and different the internal functions of different watches can be, and how drastically these differences can affect a watches performance, as well as its price. One of the most common and popular watch types is the quartz movement watch. This is … Read more

Best Dive Watches Under $1000

Best Dive Watches Under 1000

Watches are a great way to show your fashion sense and make a style statement, but for those of us who love taking the plunge and diving, it can be hard to find the right watch that won’t break the bank. In this article, we’ll talk about the best dive watches under $1000, from a … Read more

Best Skeleton Watches

Best Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are becoming very popular these days. They are lightweight, stylish, and functional. If you want to improve your style game, you should consider purchasing one of these items.  These stylish watches are designed to mimic the human skeleton. As the watch works, all the mechanical parts are visible. This not only looks awesome, … Read more

Best GMT Watches

Best GMT Watches

Tudor Black GMT When it comes to a watch with history and prestige under its belt, the Tudor Black line of watches is certainly a name that any watch aficionado should be aware of. A bold tribute to the brand’s heritage and an expression of modern design, the new Black Bay GMT continues the tradition … Read more

Cheap Budget Smartwatches Under $50

Best Smartwatch Under 50

Whether you are on a tight budget or simply do not want to splurge on an Apple Watch, cheap budget smartwatches are the way forward. From fitness trackers to heart rate monitors, the cheaper smartwatch continues to take the world by storm. This is because more people are wanting to track their daily activity and … Read more

What is an Automatic Watch and How Does It Work?

What does automatic mean for a watch? Automatic watches turn your everyday movements into the charging mechanism to power your watch. An automatic or self-winding watch is one that recharges itself by using the energy produced by the motion of your wrist. Normally, this motion takes place as you are walking about when your arms … Read more

14 Best Buys in Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are the most popular and best selling type of wristwatch. Finding the best one for you can be difficult. These affordable timepieces come in various styles to suit different lifestyles. Quartz crystals are used for accuracy and batteries are used for power in these watches. Depending on the use, batteries can last a … Read more

Basic Watch Terminology To Find The Best Watch For You

There are many watch designs and styles. Watch designs can include a variety of functions. How many and what type depend on the watch design you select. No matter what type of watch you select, when you start looking it is useful to know some basic watch terminology. Most product descriptions will refer to different … Read more