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LGBTQ PRIDE is the celebration of self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people as a social group.

PRIDE is a time to show the world that you are proud of who you are. It is important for everyone, especially those in social groups whose dignity has been questioned or challenged.

When are the two most celebrated PRIDE events?

In June of 1969, patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City refused to cooperate with police when a raid of the establishment occurred. At the time it was illegal to dress in drag. People suspected of being in drag were required to verify their sex. This was embarrassingly being done by having the individual taken into a bathroom by a female officer.

When told to disperse, a group of people held their ground and refused. Escalation quickly occurred. This spontaneous event further sparked the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) movement. Emily Priborkin summarizes this moment in her article “The Legacy of the Stonewall Riots‘”

The 1970s continued this movement and June is the month worldwide that has been designated to celebrate this historical event to recognize the rights of these communities.

National Coming Out Day has been designated in the United States, Canada, and Australia as October 11. This day commemorates the first (1979) and second (1987) marches on Washington for LGBTQ rights for equal justice and opportunity.

What do the PRIDE Flag colors mean?

Although there are variations of the Pride Flag that have evolved over the years, the original version was created in 1977. Gilbert Baker was commissioned by Harvey Milk, elected in 1977 to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, one of the first openly gay elected officials in the United States. Baker used as his inspiration the Wizard of Oz song “Over the Rainbow.” Each color of the Pride flag has a different meaning.

Hot Pink symbolizes sex
Red equals life
Orange symbolizes healing
Yellow stands for sunlight
Green represents nature
Turquoise equals magic and art
Indigo stands for serenity
Violet represents the spirit of LGBTQ people

One of the most well-known PRIDE Flags has the colors red, orange, yellow, green indigo, and violet. Gilbert Baker modified the original design in the late 19070s as the movement grew. Ironically, this was the result of the hot pink color fabric being hard to obtain. A slightly later modification was made to an even number of stripes. This was done to enhance the rainbow beauty as a decoration along a parade route displaying hundreds of banners.

This has become the standard.

There are many ways to celebrate LGBTQ PRIDE. Every day we all should support the individuality of everyone, including our family, relatives, and friends. This should occur all of the time not only during special times set aside to heighten our awareness.

On a daily basis, support can be shown by displaying the PRIDE colors. There are a variety of PRIDE accessories that can accent your style and outfits.

Here is a review of some PRIDE timepieces that are available. There are choices available to fit any budget. These watches range from playful for everyday use to creative artistic designs to highlight an outfit when going out on the town.

Add a PRIDE timepiece to your accessory collection.

Projects Watches – Pride Watch

Projects Watches started their project in 1992 with the guiding principle, “To make wearable works of art made for creators, by creators.” Their artistic expressions have been displayed in museums and shops worldwide and are meant to inspire. The more common PRIDE Flag colors are used in their watch design.

The Project Watches Pride Watch comes from the inspiration of architect and designer Alex Donahue. This timepiece has been dedicated to those individuals who have stood with pride for the rights of all people.

The watch dial consists of continually moving six colors. At noon and midnight, the colors merge together to form the shape of a rainbow.

A black stainless steel case is a minimalist style with a 40 mm (1.6 in) diameter and 7.6 mm (0.3 in) high. This gives you a lightweight, compact design.

With quality, durable construction powered by Japanese Quartz Movement providing accurate time this watch is a must to add to your collection.

Black By Blue Brave – Pride Watch

BLACK BY BLUE BRAVE is a watch brand from Singapore. Creating fashionable watches with a modern distinctive look this aesthetic design is one of its 4B Watches. 4B represents four different stages of life – Best Friend, Boy Friend, Baby’s Father, Be Forever. Whatever stage you are in this watch celebrates inclusivity and diversity.

The rose-gold stainless steel case (33 mm, 1.4 in) gives an unobtrusive clean look to the sunray colored dial. With only a 6 mm (0.24 in) thickness, it is lightweight to wear.

The analog quartz movement keeps accurate time. Its sleek rectangular markers and hands are protected by the sapphire coated lens.

A rainbow colored adjustable slip-through 20 mm (0.80 in) width nylon strap make it secure and comfortable to wear. The watchband is removable and washable.

Although buyers of this watch had complimentary things to say, several complained that their watch arrived with a dead battery.

Mistura – Handmade Pride Watch

Mistura started their artistic watch design vision in 2005. Established by four friends, Felipe López, Daniel Schemel, Juan Felipe Barreneche and Mateo Isaza. They state as part of their vision, “We want to be recognized as an artist and designer.”

Their designs use sustainable woods from their native country Columbia to create innovative watch styles with quality craftsmanship. Through their whole manufacturing process, the emphasis is to be socially conscientious and environmentally friendly. Designing and moving forward with a passion “to make each creation an experience, while at the same time something as unique as a fingerprint.”

Adding to its elegance and surrounding the watch face is a concrete textured case.

So that no beauty is lost, the watch face has no numbers displayed. Only unobtrusive hour, minute, and second hands appear that are easy to read.

The watch ships in a special wooden box and comes with two extra straps.

Looking for a special watch to become part of your collection. This one is one not to miss.

ALK Vision – Pride Watch

ALK Watches Co. LTD is a manufacturer of watches based in Shenzhen City, China with a presence on Facebook. It is the largest production base of watches and clocks in China and offers its watches through wholesale and OEM services.

An affordable, simple analog watch design is powered by Japanese quartz movement 2035 to keep accurate time.

Its white face has small rectangular five minute markers. An interesting feature is that the five minute markers are divided in smaller increments to show tenths of a second and 30 second intervals. The black hands standout and are easy to read.

The watch case is eco-friendly, natural wood that gives each its own look.

The rainbow watch band, made from canvas, is secured with a clasp stainless steel buckle.

Although this watch did receive good ratings, there were several issues that were mentioned. The case size of 43 mm (1.7 in) is not ideal for a smaller wrist. Also, a specialized smaller sized screwdriver is needed to change the battery.

Skagen Aaren Brides Pride Watch 

Skagen is proud of its Danish heritage. Embracing Danish minimalism in design, they have styles and color combinations that reflect quiet, coastal living.

Evolving since 1989, their vision is “sustainability and timelessness” in their design process. The emphasis is towards “creating pieces to last a lifetime – with people and the planet in mind.” Designs incorporate materials that are upcycled and recycled. They also use planet-friendly leather.

The Aaren Brides displays the joining of two individuals on a dial background of gray mother of pearl. A rainbow heart appears at the twelve o’clock position.

A silver stainless steel case is made from recycled material and is attached to a silver-toned stainless steel mesh strap. Each watch has imprinted on the back its limited edition number. Only four hundred of these have been produced.

Quartz movement assures accurate time, and a mineral crystal protects the face from scratches.

Show your love for each other with this unique design.

VIGOROSO – Pride Watch

Vigoroso is a trademark of the Guangzhou Yitian Trade Company. They manufacture a variety of watches and jewelry accents.

If you want a digital Pride watch to wear for your workouts? Here is one that provides the basic functions you need.

This casual design is powered by precise digital quartz movement so you can be assured accurate time.

It has all of the basic functions you would expect of an affordable digital watch – date, countdown, alarm, stop watch, and chronograph.

An easy to read luminous display let you read time in low light environments.

Swatch – Pride Watch

Swatch, a subsidiary of The Swatch Group, has manufactured watches since 1983 when Ernst Thomke, Elmar Mock, and Jacques Müller founded the company. The Swiss Made label that appears on their watches epitomizes the design originality and aesthetic quality of their watches.

Historically, the name Swatch is a contraction for “second watch.” They have continually evolved modernistic watch designs for people of all ages.

The Beating Love, as this watch is called, prominently displays a rainbow shaped heart on the dial. The white hands make it easy to read time.

The silicone strap material extends the rainbow design by encompassing the wrist as it seamlessly flows from the watch face.

The strap is secured to your wrist with a buckle clasp.

This design celebrates Pride in a unique way.

Pride Shack – Gay Pride Watch

Pride Shack is headquartered in Scarsdale, New York. They sell a variety of LGBTQ products in several different categories and brands. A customer review mentioned that it “has something different for everyone.” Here we highlight a Gay Pride Watch. Other products are available through the Pride Shack website.

This analog watch with an easy white dial to read is powered by quartz movement. The watch face Arabic numbers are easy to read.

Protected by a stainless steel case (35 mm, 1.5 in) and attached to a silicone rainbow flag watch band, it is an affordable and durable.

This is a basic simplistic watch design made to be worn everyday.

We do not have to be in the special months that have been specified to celebrate LGBTQ PRIDE. Support of these communities and important social movements can be expressed year round with clothing, jewelry, and watch accents.

There are timepiece styles and designs that prominently encompass the rainbow flag. They are available with different artistic twists and aesthetics.

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