Wooden Watches Review

Wood watches have a distinctive style that highlight your personality. Like their metal and synthetic counterparts there are designs from modern to classic, sleek to rugged, minimalist to flashy. Wooden watches are available in automatic and quartz styles.

With all these different choices, do not overlook the best feature of a wooden watch. By their very nature they are unique. No type or style of wood will have identical grain patterns. Each wood has its own beautiful look that no other watch made from the same type of wood will have.

A wooden watch is a perfect addition to your watch collection. Watch enthusiasts know it is a statement piece that can add style to any outfit. Wood watches are the ultimate in individuality.

When you start your search for a wooden watch, check out “What To Know When Choosing A Wooden Watch.” This guide will help with your search.

Here is a review of wooden watches that exhibit different characteristics. Each type of wood has a unique grain.

Dentily – Skeleton

This sophisticated watch displays its internal workings through its skeleton dial. The watch face is surrounded by a distinctive wooden rigged bezel. Roman numerals highlight its classic vintage design.

A hidden stainless-steel push-button clasp ensures the watch is secure to your wrist. The watch band is adjustable to remove or add links that are provided

Automatic mechanical movement requires no battery. It is powered by your arm movement.

Light weight and comfortable to wear. The watch is made with natural wood materials using no chemicals or paints. This affordable wooden watch makes a great gift for those special occasions.

Dentily – Tree of Life

Natural bamboo material adds to this eco-friendly design. It uses no paint is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. The watch dial prominently displays an unobstructed view of the Tree of Life. This is surrounded by rectangular markers enclosed by a decorative bezel that houses the five-minute numbers.

The analog display with Japanese Quartz movement ensures easy to read accurate time. An easy push button hidden clasp makes dressing up much more convenient than ever before.

A stylish timepiece that is also environmentally conscious. A unique face design with the Tree of life. This wooden watch will definitely turn heads.

WOODME – Square

This stunning square wooden style combines natural wood that has been carefully selected. The classic watch dial has subdued markers and only a number twelve for a clean look. White hands make it easy to view the time. A red subdial provides a nice accent to count the seconds.

The watchband has intertwined stainless steel and wood accents. 

This stylish watch with its unique square wood grain pattern watch face makes it perfect for dress up occasions. It is simple but fashionable and will quickly become your favorite accessory.

BOBO BIRD – Marbling Dial

This awe-inspiring timepiece features a marble dark dial. The luminous hands make it easy to read time. Its dynamic face is protected by a Hardlex crystal lens to keep the surface from scratching.

A wooden case seamlessly flows into the matching wooden watch band. Slender and light weight makes a comfortable fit that is secured to your wrist with folding clasp.

If you are looking for a wooden watch that will make a fashion statement, this eye catching look is the one for you.

AIMES – Triangle

The great thing about this wooden watch is its interesting triangular design. The case is crafted from seasoned sandalwood. It has an interesting number display that adds to its intrinsic beauty.

A comfortable leather watch band adds to this watch’s elegance. The buckle closure secures it to your wrist.

Analog watch hands are powered by reliable Japanese Quartz movement.

You will enjoy wearing this beautiful and stylish timepiece as a casual or dressy accessory.

BEWELL – Circle

The circular minimalist watch face is enhanced by concentric maple and sandalwood circles. Luminous hands help to view the time.

An exciting addition to this style is the unique wooden circular pieced watch band. This special feature is a decorative touch that really stands out. The mineral lens helps protect the face from scratches.

It is light, stylish, and comfortable to wear.

Looking for a watch that will get noticed? You cannot go wrong with this one. It is an affordably priced accessory to add to your collection.

BOBO BIRD – Butterfly

This individual timepiece features beautiful butterfly paintings in vibrant colors. These adorn the watch face, case, and watch band. It is made from eco-friendly bamboo wood.

The perfect accessory for any outfit that is sure to turn heads and start conversations.

Powered by Miyota 2035 Quartz Movement, it is reliable and accurate. The Hardlex lens is scratch resistant.

Comfortable to wear. A fold-over clasp with safety, makes it easy to take on and off.

Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add a touch of style this is the perfect choice. Whether you are treating yourself or someone special, this watch is sure to please.

GORBEN- Compass Turntable

This compass turntable wooden watch is an innovative design. Reminiscent of a album being played.

The watch has no second hand, but it does have a special subdial with direction pointers.

You can take this baby out on any adventure. No need to worry about losing track of time thanks to its quartz movement.

When you are out on an adventure, no need for a second hand, but it does have a compass subdial to help point your way.

Its leather watchband offers maximum comfort during extended wear.

Tiong – Colorful

Here is a wooden watch that really stands out. It is a beautiful multi-colored one of kind watch. Perfect for those who want to show off a different side of your personality.

The round face has classic Roman numerals. Its face is easy to read. The multi-color changing features keep things interesting.

Watch face and watch band seamlessly meld together.

Its sleek, modern looking design really stand apart from other watches.

Tiong – Triangle

The individual design of this wooden watch with its geometric triangle make a bold, clean statement.

The light-colored wood only enhance the look of the watch. This easily makes the black hands on its face stand out for easy to read time.

An adjustable band with a folding clasp provide a comfortable and secure fit. Easy to take on and off.

The analog display is powered by quartz movement for accuracy. Mineral glass protects the watch from scratching.

A practical and affordable accessory that will look great but not overpower your other accessories. A great gift for yourself or someone else.

BOBO BIRD – Digital

This limited edition wooden design offers a unique view of digital time. Made from stylish bamboo, it will certainly be a hit and a talking piece.

Light weight to wear. It fits comfortably on your wrist with a secure folding clasp. The digital display is quartz powered and keeps precise time.

Handcrafted from sustainable wood, it exhibits both a retro and modern look. Non-toxic and hypo allergenic materials make it safe for those with sensitive skin.

An excellent gift for someone who likes watches but also wants a special unique look.

Dentily – Quadrant

This handmade geometric quadrant wooden watch displays four different types of wood finishes on its face. A delight to look at.

The minimalist hands, although easy to read, do not interfere with the natural beauty of the watch face. The hour numbers are positioned on the bezel to enhance the overall look.

A multi-colored watch band is controlled by a stainless steel folding hidden clasp. The watch band matches the elegance of the multiple wood surfaces of the quadrants of the face.

It comes in a gift-style watch box, making it a great present for a loved one or friend.

What To Know When Choosing A Wooden Watch


Although you would think that type of wood, which is certainly important, would be your first consideration, you really need to decide on the size, shape, and overall look first.

When thinking about wooden watches, most people envision a watch completely made from wood. This is not necessarily true. Wooden watch design has several variations.

Frequently, it is thought of as a complete wooden design, which includes the watch case and watch band. When shopping for this style, look at the continuity of the wood as it seamlessly shifts from the watch case to the watch band. Realize that the watch case is the first thing you notice and should complement the watch band design. In a similar fashion, if the watch dial is wooden, it should also fit the overall style.

A modified variation is having a wooden watch case with a leather watch band or a watch band that has stainless steel with wood intertwined.


Wooden watches generally have a limited number of features available. It is the uniqueness of the wood design that makes them stand out. Having a dial that exhibits something other than basic time can be distracting. If you want more this might not be a good choice for you.

One feature that can add additional elegance to the watch is a skeleton dial. This displays some of the internal working of the watch. It is interesting to view, but at times can be overpowering and a diversion from the overall beauty.


Your choices here are mechanical or quartz. Mechanical watches have two types. Manual winding and automatic winding. Automatic watches are self-winding and have no battery. It will need to be reset if you wear it infrequently. This will only be a nuisance if you plan on wearing it every other day. Quartz watches run on batteries so do not need to be reset continuously.

If you want to be more ecologically conscientious and you are wearing it only on special occasions, automatic might be the way to go. That way you never need to worry about having to replace the battery.

Type of Wood

Wooden watches are made from a variety of different types of wood. Each type offers its own unique coloration and grain. It is truly the thing that makes a wooden watch unique.

Over time your wooden watch will develop a patina. This is partially determined by your own natural skin oils as you wear it. Wooden watches will gradually age gracefully.

With the variety and different qualities of woods that are used, the best approach in this area is to read the reviews that customers have provided regarding durability.


Another area sometimes overlooked is the watch band itself. Wood bands are very beautiful and complement all aspects of the watch. It is important to verify that it will be adjustable to the size you need so that it properly fits.

Warranty Policy

Given the nature of wood and all the different variations it is advisable to review the warranty policy of the manufacturer. Verify what will be covered with your wooden watch.

Possible Negatives

Wood in any setting requires a little more thoughtfulness.

Occasional water splashes will probably not harm your watch. Prolonged exposure to the elements is not advisable. Wood absorbs the environment it is exposed to so there is potential to discolor or warp the wood if not careful.

If you infrequently wear your wooden watch, you should check with the manufacturer if some type of conditioning of the wood is required. Generally, not a problem, but if you want to keep your watch in top condition this is worth checking.

Wooden watches are eco-friendly and made with non-toxic hypoallergenic materials. They come in styles and designs that are beautiful and colorful.

The natural beauty of wood gives you the opportunity to select a watch that truly reflects your personality. They are truly one of a kind works of art with no two alike. Wood varieties ensure your timepiece is truly your own.

When you decide to add a wooden watch to your collection, start with the basics. When and where are you expecting to wear it. Will it be an accessory with occasional use or a daily statement of who you are.

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