8 Best Watches For Nurses Review

Nurses are front line personnel that perform critical functions for all of us when we are in need of or under medical care or observation. 

As part of these duties, having a good scrub watch is important. There are daily records a nurse must update. A good medical professional watch is needed to take accurate readings, track patient treatment plans, and ensure accurate records.

Nurses watches should have the functions to help perform required duties, not hinder doing them.

The search for the best women’s watches for nursing should take design into consideration. There are scrub watches with styles available in a fashion that meets your personal statement at an affordable price.

Regardless of which of the styles or brand of watches for nurses you choose, it should provide the classic features that are necessary for monitoring a patient’s health, such as easily taking a pulse. If you think you would like to add your own health tracking, the best choice is a smartwatch.

Being in the nursing profession, you know the importance of having a good scrub watch. Review the things that control your decision by going to Medical Professional Watch Features. Eight nursing watches that meet the needs of your profession have been reviewed. Find one you like and add it to your collection.

Dakota Women’s Petite

As you search for a scrub watch, the Dakota Women’s Petite is a practical watch that addresses both a bit of fashion and the the requirements of a nurse watch. Its modern slim design add a hint of flair.

The decorative multi-color numbers and yellow second hand are easy to read with the white dial background. Given the slim watch profile, the 24 hour military time numbers could be small for some.

The watch face quadrants alternate red and white for easy identification when taking readings and are surrounded by the watch bezel with 15 second increments.

A lightweight, durable plastic material is used for the watch and watch band. These are easy to clean.

The Dakota Women’s Petite is a product from a small business brand and available in a variety of scrub matching colors. The slim nature might be difficult for some, but its playful design might just be the thing needed some days.

Speidel Original Scrub Watch

The Speidel Original Scrub Watch is a classic. The minimalist large dial provides the basic information to perform daily nursing duties. It is the perfect size and comfortable to wear.

Large, bold, hourly and red military time numbers with the red second hand are easy to see when taking a pulse.

The blue watch band is a soft silicone material providing a snug fit that does not slip.

The Speidel Original Scrub Watch is the most popular nursing watch. It is available in a variety of scrub matching colors. A great value for the price.

Speidel Scrub Watch Pulsometer 30 V2

Speidel offers several nursing watch designs. The Scrub Watch Pulsometer 30 V2 adds a date and pulsometer to the Speidel Original Scrub Watch classic design.

The pulsometer scale on the dial is an added benefit. The alternating red and white quadrants provide easy to see visual reference to makes pulse reading easier and faster.

Powered by Japanese Quartz for accuracy the stainless steel case helps protect the watch’s internal workings. It has everyday use water resistance. The silicone band is available in several colors.

The Speidel Scrub Watch Pulsometer 30 V2 is another popular Speidel women’s nurse watch.

MDC Infantry Nurse’s Watch

MDC (Momentary Design Concept) Infantry Nurse’s Watch is designed for medical professionals. The simple modern look of this nurse watch is similar to the Speidel but has a price a slight bit lower.

With the 316L surgical grade stainless steel case and anti-scratch mineral lens, this is a durable watch. Its soft silicone watch band is comfortable to wear.

Water resistant to splashes help it to withstand the great number of hand washings that are required.

The MDC Infantry Nurse’s Watch has the basic functions needed by nurses on a daily basis.

Prestige Medical Basic Student Watch

Prestige Medical manufactures several different healthcare professional diagnostic instruments. The company has a Prestige Medical Basic Student Watch for those entering the healthcare profession. This is the perfect initial scrub watch.

The white dial background, black numbers, and sweeping red second hand make it easy to read. The analog display shows both 12 and 24 hour military time.

One possible negative for this women’s scrub watch is that it emits an audible tick which can be heard. This could be helpful for some, but annoying for others.

The Prestige Medical Basic Student Watch is a durable nurse watch which meets the needs of medical professionals entering the field. It has the basic functionality required to perform the daily professional nurse duties.

Apple Watch SE

If you want some features of a fitness smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE is a choice. This sleek and powerful watch has all the essentials to keep you connected and active.

It seamlessly integrates with your Apple devices and services. Listen to music, pay and send money with Apple Pay, find your devices, connect to your Mac. All of these are possible to make your life easier.

Hopefully you will never need it, but this Apple watch has fall detection and Emergency SOS capabilities to help keep you safe.

Not only is the watch water resistant, it is also swim proof so you have another way to stay active without worrying about your watch.

The Apple Watch SE is perfect for keeping an eye on your health and performing your nurse responsibilities.

Casio Women’s

The Casio brand offers a Casio Women’s scrub watch at a reasonable price with a bit of color flair.

The dial display with multi-colored numbers stand out for a different look. The watch has both 12 and 24 hour military time.

A bi-directional rotary bezel can be set to the position you need when taking measurements.

The coordinated resin watch case and strap is available in several colors.

This Casio Women’s watch for nurses has just the essentials needed on a daily basis.

Speidel Nurse Fob

The Speidel Nurse Fob scrub watch is for those who do not like to wear wrist watches. Available in either a black or white dial.

Designed with a cleverly retractable rope and clip-on that allows you to fasten it to your lapel or wherever it is convenient. This is a safe way to keep your watch clean while you work.

The strong elastic rope ensures a tight connection at all times. The pull clasp chain makes removing it quickly easy when needed. It can easily be pulled up or lowered from your scrub lapel.

Regardless of which dial background, the 12 and 24 hour military numbers stand out.

The Speidel Nurse Fob is for those medical professionals who prefer to keep their wrist free. The clip-on design and strong elastic rope connection meet this need.

Medical Professionals Watch Features

When you begin to shop and get a nurse scrub watch, basic functions are required to perform your daily duties. You control what sort of factors to take into consideration. This ranges from which watches meet your needs to what style is your personal preference.

To help guide your selection, the following list has been designed to help you select the right watch.

Comfortable Fit

Wearing a watch that is uncomfortable can be a distraction to performing your duties and an unnecessary irritant.

Wrist Band

The watch band or strap should provide a comfortable fit. The best types of material are silicone or plastic. These are easy to clean, have water resistance, and are durable. Some people are allergic to rubber, it should be avoided.

Analog Display

Analog nursing watches are the most popular. The face has a sweeping second hand to add visual feedback and is easy to read. Be sure there is enough contract between watch face and second hands.

Digital Watches

Most digital watches only show numbers so they are more precise. Many digital watches used by medical professionals are Activity and Fitness Trackers.

Easy to Read

When medical professionals are performing essential readings, the best watches are easy to read and do not have nonessential information that make it difficult to see.

Digital Watch Displays

Digital displays should be easy to read in different lighting conditions. Some need to be refreshed.

Bold Typeface

A bold type is less stressful on your eyes.

12 Hour and 24 Military Hour Display

Both 12 and 24 hour military time helps insure accurate record keeping.

Second Hand Color

It is important to have a different color second hand that is easy to see. A red second hand is common. If the second hand is some other color, be sure the contrast is easy to read.

Luminescent Hands

Having a glow in the dark feature is useful for low light environments.  


The backlight on a digital display should be bright enough to clearly see the numbers under different lighting conditions.

15 Second Interval Quadrants

Helping to eliminate guesswork, a watch face or bezel with 15 second quadrants identified can assist medical professionals for routine measurements.

Water Resistant

Watch resistant materials are required to protect the watch from the constant exposure to recurring hand washings and other elements. Plastic or silicone meet this need.

Easy to Clean

Watches that use plastic or silicone materials are easier to clean and can stand up to some sterilization.

Easy to Use

If the nursing watch you like and want has additional features, ensure setup and operation are easy.


When a wrist watch feels uncomfortable a Fob watch is an alternative. It can be clamped on to a lapel, attached elsewhere on your scrubs, or worn around your neck.

Pulsometer Quadrants

Pulsometer quadrants appear on the watch face or bezel, the ring on the case. This can assist and make it easier to control pulse reading. 

Digital Watch Functions

When you shop for a digital nurse watch, your search should be designed around your planned use for the watch.

If it is the case that you think you will only add a watch to wear at work, then you only need basic functions. If you want a style to keep you connected and monitor your activities, then you will be looking for a smartwatch.

Questions to Answer?

What is the best nurse’s watch?

The best watches for nurses are easy to read, have a watch band or strap that is comfortable to wear, and are made of material that is durable, easily cleaned, and water resistant.

What watch should you buy?

Use the Medical Professionals Watch Features guide to determine how you are planning to use the watch and the considerations for selecting one.


This article has reviewed several of the best most popular affordable watches for nurses. If you want to read about and search for a different style, take a look at these additional Nurse Watches selections.

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